Wolrd’s Weirdest Restaurants Ever!

Almost all of u have dined in many of the restaurants and have always wanted to get the best of services. But there are many restaurants which have totally changed the concept of fine dining. Here are some of those, which will probably change your perception towards the concept of restaurants!

Dinner in the Sky!

sky restaurant

This is a restaurant situated in Belgian, which serves its customers with dinner and lunch on a table hung by a crain on a height of 150 meters above the land. This is the very first hanging restaurant opened in the world in 2009! Due to its uniqueness, the story of the restaurant has also been published in Forbes magazine!

Happy Dark dining!

Dark restaurants

Well, a restaurant named “Opaque” is a dark restaurant situated in West Hollywood. This restaurant works on a blind concept. There are no lights in the restaurant and it ti totally dark black hence the name. the restaurant owners believe that if he eyes of the people are closed then their other senses will probably become much more active and hence they will enjoy the aroma and taste of the food and will not judge it through its appearance!

Eating among the marine life!

marine restaurants

“Ithaa” is an underwater restaurant in Maldives, which has a capacity of 14 diners. The restaurant is built beneath the water with glass wall, 5 meters below the sea level. The customers can enjoy the marine life and eat at the same time. This is the first underwater restaurant, after which many underwater restaurants built on later with the same concept.

Naked restaurant

naked restaurants

The world’s first naked restaurant is opening in London. The restaurant already has a pre-booking of 10,000 people! Yes, all these people want to dine nake. The restaurant is based on the concept of naturism. The customers after entering the restaurants have to put off their clothes and eat naked and remain naked until they are in the restaurant! Weird! Isn’t it?

Modern Toilet

modern toilet restaurants 2

modern toilet restaurants

In Taiwan, there is a restaurant named “Modern Toilet”. The infrastructure of the restaurant is just like a toilet! The seats are made up of toilet pots! The whole restaurant is built upon a toilet theme! Even the food is served in bowls of the shape of a toilet pot!

Disaster Café


As justified by the name, this is a restaurant in Spain which serves its customers the food under the condition of a simulated earthquake! The people have to eat in a vibrating atmosphere just like they’re eating at the time of the earthquake.

I wonder where such ideas come from!

Have a Twin?

Twin star restaurants

In Moscow, Russia, a restaurant welcomes only twins as their customer. The restaurant is named “Twin Stars”. If you have a twin and want to dine with them, you are most welcome, but the people who don’t have a twin, bad luck!

Monkey serving food!

Monkey serving

A restaurant “Izakaya Kayabuki” in Japan, hires monkeys to work as waiters. The monkeys serve food to the customers. May people think monkeys are clever, but I just hope that they don’t eat my food n the way!

Wanna have some insects?

Insect restaurants

A restaurant in Bangkok serves various insects on the menu in place of food! Yes, it is the truth. The customers are served various kinds of six-legged fried insects. Crunchy and crispy grasshoppers, spiders and crickets are some of the items from its menu!


Wanna have one?

Vampire Café

vampire restaurants

Again a freaky restaurant in Japan, based on a Vampire theme is a weirdest one in the list of restaurants. The restaurant is decorated with coffins, the restrooms are stained in blood marks and decorated with candles. Even the waiters have dressed as vampires following the theme. Although the food served is normal but the surroundings are enough to scare a person!

Happy Dining!

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