World’s Most Expensive Dresses Ever Made!

The world is a lake of money, which distributes it unevenly. But at some places, the water is so deep, that it couldn’t be measured! And for the owners holding such uncountable amount, here are some special outfits, which are actually made for them.


The most expensive outfits made on this planet Ever! Only a few people can afford to buy!

$30 Million Dress!

30 million dollar expensive dresses

A designer named Faiyzali Abdullah from Singapore made an evening gown, which was represented by the Nightingale of Kaula Lumpur in STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL in 2009. The gown costs $30 million as it consists of 70 Carat pear-shaped diamonds along with 751 Swarovski crystals. The dress is made of Taffeta, Satin, chiffon and silk fabrics making it worth or the cost!

$20 Million!

20 million dollar expensive dresses ad shoot

A model for Belgium shot an ad for which the model wore a dress worth $20 million! Shocked? So am I! such an amount of money for a dress in an ad shoot! the dress was loaded with jewels and provided ten security guards on the sets of shooting to protect the model wearing the dress!

$20 Million!

20 million dollar expensive dresses

The wife of an Italian King, King Louis XIV in the 16th century wore a dress crafted with 3000 diamonds and 39000 diamonds in it. The dress was worn by her just once, but now the dress holds the value of $20 million! And you cant believe that the owner of this dress died in poverty!

$17 Million!

17 million dollar expensive dresses

A British Designer name Debbie Wingham is the designer who had made a $17 million dress! The designer has crafted the dress with 2000 stones. The stones are no common stone but diamonds, and that too the rare red diamonds! It is an Abaya Gown, which consists of these 2000 precious stones along with hard work of many workers.

The designer is already famous for making most expensive things including shoes and bag which she showcased and revealed along with the gown an put on sale in the last week. 

$15 Million!

15 million dollar expensive dresses

At the Oscars 2014, Charlize Theron wore the most expensive dress of the night. Her outfit cost $15 million designed by Christian Dior. Thought the gown was plain, without any jewels crafted on it, but it is in the name of a prestigious designer, making it worth its cost! Styled by Leslie Fremar, the star combined the plain gown with an $8.2 million jewelry making her look the most expensive one of the award night!

$12 Million!

12 million dollar expensive dresses

Well the last one in this list, but the actual last! A wedding dress costing $12 million. The dress designed by a dress designer and jewelry designer together was loaded with diamonds each weighing 150 carats. The dress was first revealed in a show at Dubai in the year 2006 at a show named “Fashion and Diamond Show” and later shown in “Luxury Brands Bridal Show”.

Amazed to know that a cloth could cost so much? Well everyone would be after reading this!

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